Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I *HEART* Comments

Since it is Valentine's day I thought it would be appropriate to send out a Valentine to everyone who has ever left a comment. I love getting comments and I enjoy knowing what you, dear internet, are thinking. So don't be shy! Even if you think you don't have much to add or if you just want to say "hi" please do so...it makes my day :)

Special Valentine's Shout-out to

  • Jonathan...my first real commenter! And yes, you *were* right ;)
  • My Mac using commenters: Claire, Uncle Foobar, and this Anonymous (anyone else?)
  • MadameX uses a Mac, but she's also my most prolific commenter so she gets her own bullet
  • Even hedged, who got up in my basket because he thought my post was giving bad investment advice :)
  • And really...everyone who has ever commented...you all are the best!

Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day! To those who have not yet commented, join the party!


  1. heh, thats a pretty nice Valentine post.

    being the grumpy person that I am, I shall make no mention of this horrid day!

  2. Thank YOU, for leaving so many comments on our newish blog!

  3. am I really the most prolific? oh, you mean I leave long, rambling comments, if not frequent ones!

  4. What a great idea for a post. I *heart* comments too. Hope you had a great V-Day.

  5. I ♥ comments as well!
    And we will continue to comment and let you know you are loved. ;)

  6. Caitlin,
    I think we all love comments. It's what makes us feel like we're not just talking to ourselves.

    And thank you, because you're certainly my most faithful commenter.

  7. Hey Caitlin; i'm reading you now on rss feed but had to spread the luvin directly.


    p.s. did you see that prosper.com story
    in the NYT last week?

    Might be work some bloggin


  8. Caitlin... you're actually one of the best commenters around the pf blogosphere. We all should be thanking you! I don't know how you keep up reading so many blogs & leaving positive, relevant notes along the way.

    Anyway, thanks for all the many nice comments that you've left on Sitting Pretty. Although, I'm a week late, here's sending a big heart to you too.


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