Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Actually...the Tivo was FREE

When I finally looked at how much we paid for the Tivo, it was less than the $199.99 list price at Best Buy. We paid $188.99 after tax. So with the $150 mail-in rebate and the $38.85 towards service from the Best Buy gift card we were down to 14c but we'll eventually get $1.88 back via Citi Dividend rebate.

So all netted out, we actually *made* $1.74

And it looks like Best Buy and Tivo are running the same deal through Saturday so this is a great time to snag a 40-hr model if you've been wanting one. Do note that Tivo now requires either a year committment if you pay monthly or you still have the option of purchasing a lifetime service (for the machine) at $299.

We actually signed up for the lifetime (the Best Buy gift card technically applies to this cost or 3 months of monthly service) since we figure we'll own this tivo for more than 2 years (we owned the series 1 for at least four years). If things change, tivos with lifetime service have a high resale value on ebay, so it felt like the right choice.

It did register a blip in my "utilities" column in October (what? you dont think tivo service is a utility?) but luckily I have money to cover it without even going near Save-O-Meter money. So now we can also reduce our monthly expenses by $12.95.

Interestingly, Tivo is getting competitive with it's subscription service...if you have Tivo and are paying monthly at $12.95, it's worth a call to see if they will lower it to the $6.95 "2nd tivo" price. This happened to a co-worker of mine when he called to cancel because he got a PVR through his cable company.


  1. Wow, they're paying you to get Tivo now! I think I am still going to stay away because I am afraid if I get it I will end up watching more TV.

  2. I think it all depends on your TV watching habits to start with. I believe I actually watch less TV. The shows I really want to watch are waiting for me when I am in the mood for TV and honestly it makes me aware of how much TV I watch (just like tracking expenses now that i think of it!)

    For a while I was into watching the Ellen show until I realized that was a total of 5 hours (ok more like 4 with commercial skipping) out of my week AND I had another 5 or so shows I wanted to watch more. So it didn't add up for me.

    But I still think her show is a classic.

    Anyway, it's a legitimate concern, but it really can go either way. For me, TV is now much more intentional, and I have freedom to do what I want when the shows air too.

  3. Hey, thanks for the tip! My sister and I were wishing we could buy TiVo for my dad for Xmas, but it was out of reach. Now I'm thinking we can do it.

  4. Ugh - I am trying so hard to resist Tivo, but may check out this deal anyway. I am weak and maybe I can justify the investment by canceling my NetFlix...

    I linked you up on my site - Thanks for doing the same!

  5. Great deal!!
    Here's mine:
    My friend called and said that he can send me a free brand new 140 hour TIVO if I pay for the first year of service. (Through the Tivo referral service) Needless to say, I did it.

    The year is almost up and I'm going to call Tivo and threaten to cancel unless they lower my rate. (I hear that, if you've been paying for awhile, you can get them to lower their fee to 6.95 per month for life.) So, if they don't lower the price, I'll probably sell the unit on Ebay and get all my monthly cost back. (Those 140 units aren't cheap).




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