Sunday, November 06, 2005

Costco for Eyeglasses

I think the last time I purchased eyeglasses as a kit and kaboodle eight years ago (don't worry, I've had the lenses replaced since then) they cost me over $300. It was something like $200+ for the frames and over $100 for the lenses.

I knew I'd be going to Costco this time around and I budgeted $200 for a new pair of eyeglasses...and I came in under budget! w00t!

My lenses were about $75-ish since I got the hi-index hoobidy-joo instead of the $50 poly-whatsis. Given my prescription, this meant my lenses would be significantly lighter and I wear them all the time, so it felt worth the extra cash. The anti-glare coating was another $30. I am always on the fence about buying the coating because it scratches so easily and then it looks like crapola, but I haven't tried it in a while...I thought I'd give it another shot.

And the frames were about $55! And I promise they are styleesh. Some of the "fancier" brand name frames were about $100 but even that is a great price for frames that easily pass $200 at regular retail stores.

My grand total: $159.97

$40 under budget! And boy will I need that $40 cuz here come the spendy months...


  1. "hi-index hoobidy-joo and poly-whatsis"

    Are those the brand names or generic? hehe


  2. heh...yeah that's what I get for waiting a day to post...the actual type of lenses aren't listed in full on the receipts either, just by"short name" :)

  3. Nice! I got my glasses from Costco just a couple months ago. Nice quality, so-so selection of frames. Hi-Index is the only way to, especially if you're blind like me.

  4. err... Hi-Index is the only way to go is what I meant to say.

  5. Jonathan, I must be blind like you! :D

    The frames at my costco weren't too bad. I was looking for a completely frameless and they had several in the counter (maybe 20ish?) but nothing was quite right.

    But I was able to find a partial frameless that I liked a lot and they had several of those as well.

    I wonder if selection is the same across all stores or if there is a regional or even per store component to the selections...

  6. I have to give costco two thumbs up. I bought two pair of glasses from them, and I've replaced the lenses on both pair, and the eyepads on one. No charge, as I've had them for less of a year.

    I plan to continue to mistreat my glasses until my CPP (cost per pair) is more accurately measued in yen or pesos.

  7. come to think of it, they replaced nose pads for free on glasses that weren't from costco (my 8yr frames) and I thought that was awfully swell of them

  8. This is the first thing I've ever read that actually made me wish I was a Costco member.
    The other tip someone gave me about buying eyeglass frames is that the airport shop in Reykjavik, Iceland has a great selection of designer frames at really cheap prices. But I can see why you might want to go to Costco instead.

  9. Madame, I really would have thought the "costco for meat" post would have had a slight edge over eyeglasses

    Delmonico for $6!

    But I know 6 steaks take a lot more storage than a pair of eyeglasses so I guess I can understand.

    My friends Pepper and gear girl went to Iceland this year...funny, they didnt mention the eyeglasses...

  10. Thanks for this post. I need my first pair of glasses at age 26 (everyone on both sides of my family needed glasses by grade school, so I lasted a long time). Anyway, I liked at least 4 frames at Costco, but wasn't sure about their customer service. Thanks for the help!

    "hi-index hoobidy-joo and poly-whatsis" nice technical terms

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