Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Save-O-Meter News

It's payday today so I was able to transfer money around and bump the meters up:

2005 Roth
I transferred $750 into my 2005 Roth IRA completing my maximum allowed contribution of $4000. GOAL MET! ...ahead of schedule (originally 4/15) I'll be leaving this meter up for a little while because it gives me warm fuzzies. Next month I will start a 2006 Roth-o-Meter.

Emergency Fund
I transferred $400 in to bring the progress up to 56%. LaLa says she has some money for the fund too, but amount is TBD by Friday...I can't wait (yes that qualifies me as a money nerd)

2006 Networth Goal (New!)
I have added a meter to measure my progress toward my goal of increasing my networth from $211,000 to $275,000 by year end. This is a bit of a stretch, but I'm going for it. One month in and I'm roughly on target...stay tuned! I chose orange because orange is like...the best. color. ever.


  1. yay! you're approaching a whole rainbow of meters...

  2. Excellent! Congratulations on the Roth!! Are you sure your choice of orange isn't at least partially the result of your good feelings toward ING? :-)

  3. My love of orange is the CAUSE of my good feelings towards ING ;)

  4. Hooray for orange! I didn't start out loving orange, but I look fabulous in orange so it sort of won me over. ;) But I'm not vain or anything.

    BTW, I find your new meter a little confusing. It looks like you've saved 5% of $275K.

  5. Claire, thanks for the feedback. I wrestled with the css for getting my starting point to show on the left and gave up. I've brute forced it for now so that the graph is more clear while I look into the correct code :)


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