Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Upromise Promo

I am sure FatWallet is all over this, but I still thought I'd mention it. I just received a promotional email from Upromise announcing...

"Purchase any 5 Duncan Hines® Mix or Frosting, Log Cabin® Syrup, Mrs. Butterworth's® Syrup, Lender's® Bagels, Swanson® Frozen Dinners, Hungry-Man® Frozen Dinners, or Celeste® Frozen Pizza in a single shopping order between 2/5/06 and 2/19/06, and receive $5 in your Upromise account.*"

Now, I don't really know why they are sending out email now that the promo is half over, but if you eat a lot of refined carbs or are addicted to cake, this could be the deal for you ;)



  1. I got this email too, and felt a moment of temptation. The only thing in that list I regularly buy, however, is Lender's bagels. M will kill me if I try to fit five packages of bagels into our inefficient side-by-side freezer. That's probably a year's worth of bagels for me. I don't eat them too much, and the baby is picky. He only likes fresh bagels from the local cafe.

  2. ahhh a young man after my own heart! Though I did enjoy sarah lee whole wheat bagels this summer and I do have a soft spot for lender's since they got me through my teen years...oh dear, now i am craving bagels (Finagle here I come!!!)


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