Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Money Blogger Podcast Interview

Despite loving the overall idea of podcasts and the subscription model potential they bring to the party, I admit to being slow in partaking of the bounty. I've just never been a huge "talk radio" fan and sometimes it's fainful to admit to my friends that I actually do not listen to NPR.

However, I do have two podcast subscriptions that I feel are must haves: Battlestar Galactica and Scott's Money Blogger Podcast. Scott's podcasts put an even more personal face (er...voice) to the bloggers he interviews granting a peek behind the scenes of your favorite money blogs.

I was honored when Scott asked me for an interview a little while back and I had great fun talking with him about personal finance, technology and sundry other topics. He is now through with performing his podcasty magic and has published the interview. I hope I didn't ramble too much...I admit I was a little nervous!


  1. You did a great job with the interview!

  2. Heh! I subscribe to the same two "must haves" you mention! I'm a little behind on the money blogger podcasts, though.

    I *love* BSG!

  3. flexo: you are too sweet ;)

    smb: I LOVE it too! And I was surprised at how engaging the DVD commentary on the pre-quel miniseries was so I checked out the podcasts once they got going. I still have quite a few to listen too, but they are entertaining and a way to fill the off season!

  4. Heard about your blog from the Money Blogger Podcast.

    Maybe you'll like our humble site, http://www.lowbudgetlife.com. We've just taped our first podcast.

  5. Good interview, Caitlin. I enjoyed listening to you. You have a nice voice.

    Keep up the good work.



  6. Enjoyed your interview! Go BSG... (my favs are the older episodes)

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