Sunday, March 06, 2005

February Accomplishments

I don't yet have clear goals to measure against but I feel I made some good progress toward my fuzzy February goals of reducing credit card debt and consolidating my retirement savings. Here's a look back:
  • Enlisted a "finance mentor" - my friend Pepper - to come over once a month
  • Filed both my federal and state taxes electronically on 2/15
  • Opened an ING savings account with a $25 bonus
  • Opened a Fidelity Rollover IRA
  • "Located" my missing 401(k) and initiated direct transfer to Fidelity
  • Obtained online access to my current 401(k)
  • Sent off TaxCut rebates ($24.95 for state, $15.95 for e-file)
  • Cancelled Citibank BillManager ($4.95/mo)
  • Upon receipt, immediately applied my tax refunds to my credit card balance (w00t!)
The net effect is that by the end of February, my credit card balance was in sight of being eradicated, I'm well on my way to actively managing my retirement savings, and I have my first savings account since I was little (those passbooks were so...fascinating)

March will be all about finishing my retirement consolidation, paying off my credit cards completely, and finally establishing some concrete meetable financial goals - both short and long term.


  1. Congratulations! Starting is the key, and it looks like you are off to a good one.


  2. Cool Blog!

    Best of luck on your goals! As your readership grows, I'm sure you will be a positive influence for a lot of people!


  3. Good for you and the smart stuff you've done. I would crank one thing into the retirement plans that might make things both a bit more complicated and a bit cheerier. You may still want to work some after you "retire." Most surveys these days show most people do expect to work -- at stuff they enjoy as opposed to stuff they gotta do.


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