Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pantry Challenge Extension

Tip o' the blog to Graham who stopped by and asked for an update on my pantry challenge.

We're having some success with the October Pantry Challenge but I think we'll need to re-christen it the Q4 Pantry Challenge. We haven't been as aggressive with finding new recipes designed to plow through our dry good backlog as I'd liked. Our food spending has been down a bit, but long work hours this month have meant I'm not terribly enthusiastic about cooking every night. So its been a mixed bag.

We've finished off some boxes of pasta but partial boxes of both spaghetti and angel hair remain. Our two boxes of Pomi tomato products (crushed and chopped) made THE best chili ever (citric acid blows). We've used all of our turkey and chicken stock that was crowding the freezer. We've also made inroads into some ingredients like rice and lentils but they aren't gone yet.

And Graham may have lots of tuna...but I have 3 cans of crabmeat that I don't even know how to use.

I think one of the keys to making this a success is to get all of the targeted food into the backpack list. Then I can search for recipes and LaLa and I can later collaborate on cooking. I've only added items as I remember that we have them and I need to be more focused about that.

I'm traveling for business this week, so there are some LaLa only items she intends to purge from the pantry, and for the rest of November and December we're traveling quite a bit so we might need until the end of the year to get it "done". Then I guess we just make sure we have the right staples for 2006!

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