Monday, October 10, 2005

October Pantry Challenge!

No, not panty challenge you dweeb! pantry ... as in where I story my dry goods. And by dry goods, I mean "all sorts of weird things I've picked up over time and never turned into a yummy meal"

If you think I am delinquent about watching DVDs, you really should look at the food I am storing. Between my pantry (and by pantry I mean "loose conglomeration of unorganized cabinets and basement shelfspace") and my freezer (and by freezer I mean "my freezer") I have all sorts of both mundane and exotic tasties.

By eating our way through our cupboards this month, I hope to save money on groceries and clear out some of the pantry and freezer clutter. I enjoy a creative challenge this should help us figure out what to have for dinner this month and keep our shopping targeted to things we need each week and a few ingredients we may need to complete dishes.

Excuse me while I go look up some recipes for lentils...


  1. Speaking of challenges, pantries, panties and cluttered freezers, I have actually been told that if you keep your panties in the freezer before you put them on, it's a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Or maybe you were supposed to microwave your panties to stay warm in the winter, I can't remember.
    (I guess this also relates to being a dweeb.)

  2. I think I'll skip microwaving my panties this winter and go straight to the long underwear....

    Great recipe for garlic lentil soup.

  3. better yet...microwave the long underwear? just a thought ;)

    thanks for the recipe! I was hoping I'd get a few recipes via comments...woohoo

  4. Glad I wasn't the only one that read it as panties the first time. Hmmmm, slow cook stew, chilli, and potatoe soups. Can you tell it's cold here?

  5. Caitlin, Thanks for the idea of a pantry challenge. I've decided to do this challenge for the month of November 2005. I have been going through my collection of dry goods and can't believe all food I have stocked piled. It looks like I'm going to be eating tuna, tuna, and more tuna as I have 14 cans on the shelf! Let us know if your October challege was sucussful.

    Graham 10/30/05


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