Monday, October 31, 2005

Financial Carnivals this Week

I'm on the road this week, so I just finally got a chance to read through some of the financial carnivals that went up today.

Carnival of Debt Reduction
The Carnival of Debt Reduction #7 is up at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity (thanks Jim!) and includes posts on expense and debt reduction techniques, losing faith...and finding inspiration...and more.

Jane Dough is a gal after my own heart: slashing those bills and cooking with gas are both cost reduction methods I have been using a lot over the past few months. I lowered my telecomm, long distance, auto insurance and Netflix recently and I've been cooking more to clear the pantry clutter.

No Credit Needed is bumming about missing the details of when his juicy zero percent promo rate expires (always read the fine print folks!). Meanwhile, Frugal for Life reminds us that there will be pitfalls along the way but the important thing is the journey toward change. Persevering through the disappointing moments brings the most satisfaction when you succeed. NCN should take heart :) success is just up ahead!

Carnival of Personal Finance
The Carnival of Personal Finance hits the big 2-0 this week and is being hosted by Wealthy Web. It's so large I've barely started but a few things grabbed my attention.

I'll be checking out BudgetBitch because the name alone had me laughing and I haven't seen that blog before. And she has a little dog. What's not to like?

And I will definitely be keeping up with the Dividend Guy's guide to building a dividend portfolio since this is something I have recently become interested in. I'm looking forward to learning how he approaches the whole process.

And JLP has a very timely post about itemized deductions and planning for this years taxes now before it is too late...I just started doing napkin math this week to estimate if I will owe taxes this year and his post will help me do that.

Now I have to go finish reading....


  1. Hi:

    I liked your money-saving tip about cooking with gas.

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