Sunday, October 30, 2005

November Challenge...It's So AWN!

The travel gnome and I decided we'd engage in a friendly competition to see who can rack up the most in "online sales" during the month of November. I needed a nudge in the butt to start clearing clutter and generating some extra holiday cash and this is just the ticket.

I think we agreed that ebay, amazon marketplace and craigslist all count and the sale has to complete within the month of November, but money received in December for a November transaction still counts.

He always wins...even if we're racing through parallel lunch lines...but I figure this is a win/win for me whatever the outcome. I haven't entered the competition with the gusto I had intended, but I did get some graphic novels up on Amazon for sale. Anything I can sell this month is a nice extra.

You can see links to my Amazon items for sale in the right column around the site (currently on archive pages only) which are generated by a nice little service called amazonbox. I can't place javascript inside a blogger post (or I don't know how anyway) so if you're interested in what it looks like you'll have to look at something like the October archive.

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