Saturday, October 08, 2005

22% Lower Cable/Phone/Internet

LaLa finally made the call last week to cancel our Digital Vision service from the cable portion of our telecomm service. This will save us about $12 a month going forward. This is on top of the $20 off each month for 12 months we got just for asking threatening to switch to a competitor.

This brings our total current savings to $32 a month - a 22% decline in our telecomm charges.

We considered cutting other itemized charges once we were staring closely at the bill. I'm just not ready to give up the $3.50 a month for distinctive ring (our fax line...but I may cave next month). Since my company reimburses the cable modem rental, I am also forgoing the option to buy my own (which would come out of my own pocket) until I am no longer reimbursed for my broadband access.

I also just cannot bear to live without Caller ID. This might seem dumb, since I could probably let my answering machine do my "screening", but I do find this useful for work when I am working from home. I think $7 a month is overpriced for what it costs the providers (like...nothing, right?) but I'd rather just not have a phone than give it up. Sorry SavvySaver! (I promise I gave it thought)

Another tip for those looking to save money on phone service: long ago I stopped paying for voicemail service when it dawned on me that it was equivalent to renting an answering machine. For a long while we used a very simple, older machine but when we needed a new phone a few years ago we bought a two handset model with a digital answering machine built in. Since we purchased it at Costco it was very economical.


  1. I think I can forgive you ;) actually, we've started received TONS of hang-up phone calls and were considering getting caller ID just to see what is going on... but I'd rather just cancel the phone altogether if it keeps up.

    22% savings is very admirable!! way to go!

  2. Great job on reducing your bill. Call and ask (threaten nicely) can be done in a lot of different areas to cut down those bills. It's one of the few good opportunities you have to use your Junk Mail in a positive, money saving way. We sliced $65 a month off a number of my mom's services last month doing just this.

  3. Take a look at VOIP phone service. Its much cheaper (about $25 at, and works with your regular phone. The advantage is you get unlimited calls to USA/Canada all those cool features like call waiting, caller id, three way calling FREE! Of course its dependent on your broadband connection, and if power goes out you have no phone either. But if you have a cell phone, this is a great way to save some money!

  4. Nice job. I also called and got my broadband bill lowered (again). They said it's the last time they can do it. I told them I'd call them back in 6 months (when this discount ends) and talk over the options....... :)


  5. I had gotten just a basic phone line and use a Costco calling card for long distance. $0.029 a minute. On the advice of my lawyer I broke down and got caller ID when my ex wife started calling. It's about the only way I spend money...

    I *LOVE* your blog. I want to be more thrifty, but need to work on making more money. I was laid off last year and had to take a 65% pay cut to get a new job in a new industry.

  6. Well kids:

    there's a phone company called RNKTelecom that covers Mass/R.I./New Hamster and guess what?

    They have a 3000 minute card for $10!
    (they charge $.50 tax if you phone up but find it at a kiosk or store)

    The card expires after six months, but if you call them and whine that there's time left (i usually have about 700 minutes left) they're gladly re-activate it to cover the amount.

    It's pretty easy to use too; they're doing some VOIPie thingie but i just push the buttons.

    Tip: memorize the card # it makes life easier; or program it since it's a 3+7 number.


    See prepaid; 1000 minute then $10 card.

  7. Foob...Yes! RNK is the company that sells the card I detailed in this post about reducing my long distance. At the time I bought it at my grocery store it was $10 for 222 mins, which was really 444 minutes because they halve the cost if you use a local access number.

    3000 mins is a pretty fine deal, didn't know they might be flexible with extending either.

    Great tip! Even better than I knew :)


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