Tuesday, November 01, 2005

$9.99 Netflix - I did it

I love me my Netflix, but when I analyzed my usage I realized that my itensive DVD watching happens in waves.

When LaLa and I are plowing through a TV series that was cruelly yanked from the airwaves before the masses had time to realize it's true genius (exhibit A: Freaks and Geeks, exhibit B: Popular, exhibit C: Karen Sisc--oh right, not on DVD ) well then we need the 3-out subscription so we can really make time. Watching TV this way is quite enjoyable...we can watch many episodes in one sitting until our eyes glaze over or we fall asleep. And no commercials! It's almost like video on demand but at 56k ("it only takes a day for the movie to arrive!"). When we are in this mode we are highly efficient at turning discs around and it's well worth the cost.

But when we are just trying to catch up on movies, it's slower going. It's due to many factors but movie watching is more concentrated on the weekends and this plays a part. And we rarely watch more than one movie in a weekend...so if we aren't able squeeze movies in during the week, we're talking about 4-6 movies tops in a month.

We'll be doing a lot of traveling over the next couple of months and that $9.99 monthly rate was just begging to be mine. So the day before my new billing cycle I changed my subscription to the $9.99 rate ($10.49 with tax for me) which allows me to have only one movie out at a time, but unlimited rentals within a month. If I rent 3 movies in each month I about break even, but there's the opportunity to rent as many as 7 give or take (my turnaround is one day).

I figure I will change it as needed, but primarily stay at this level. But I think if we ever start watching Gilmore Girls we're really gonna have to bust out the 3-out again ;)


  1. Funny you bring this up... 2 movies arrived in my mailbox just today. I'm not an early adopter and only signed up for Netflix 3 months ago. It was a real dilemma deciding which plan to select. They give you nine options you know. It was a toss up between 2 at a time (unlimited) - $14.99/month or 2 at a time (4 a month) - $11.99/month. I went with the latter and instead treat myself to a $3.00 latte every now and then. That's almost as yummy as three episodes in a row of the L Word.

  2. Let me know how Netflix works out for you.

    For my weekly column in the Miami Herald "Making Ends Meet," I've been planning to write a story about different (cheaper ways) to rent movies.

    please email me at: sharonhr@bellsouth.net

    Also: My local library has a really great DVD and tape section. It's free; you get a week; but the fees are a major pain if you are late: Can you say OUCH!

    anyway: I also have a new blog and I will link to you.
    check it out: www.sharonhr.blogspot.com

    Thanks! I like your blog lots.

  3. oooh! That $9.99 plan must be new since the last time I canceled (I've only canceled a half dozen times over the last three or four years). I might have to sign up for that one. I've always loved the convienence of Netflix, but felt guilty about the 2-3 movies sitting at home unwatched.

  4. Good for you! After downsizing from 3-at-a-time to 2-at-a-time in October, I decided to just cancel altogether in November. With new fall shows on, and football season, the DVDs were just sitting around. Plus, I've been busier lately and have even cut back on my tv-watching significantly. I'll probably sign up again next summer.

  5. Very good! I am really waffling on this one myself. My billing period is the 15th of the month, so I have a few more days to decide. I had planned on canceling my subscription this past summer, but instead "suspended" it for 3 months (the maximum they allow). Since it has kicked back in this September I have only watched 6 movies. It seems not enough "must watch" movies are being released.

  6. I tried to get Netflix to keep me at 3 movies but at a lower price. That failed, so now I'm at blockbuster free for a month.


  7. When I get home I will figure out how/where to post my version of the netflix spreadsheet. If you have any idea how many DVDs you watch in a month (if you have netflix already you can get your history, if not...guess) and you can compare price-per-DVD to find your netflix sweet spot. My hope is that with one out at a time, it will be more incentive to watch it, to get the next one etc. We'll see.

    savvy saver: Yes! it is fairly new...it was a surprise to me too when i went looking at what their lower tiers were.

    Nina: *almost* as yummy...and yet not quite! ;)

    Gnome: I still miss you from my Netflix Friends list. sniff.

    It's too bad netflix caps the suspend at 3 months...I think they might be able to keep some more subscribers long term if they lengthened that if the comments in here are any indication. interesting.

  8. I just received this Email and thought I would share since you have been posting about NetFlix:

    If you were a paid Netflix member before January 15, 2005 under a proposed class action settlement, you may be eligible to receive a free benefit from Netflix.

    If you enrolled in a paid membership before January 15, 2005 and were a member on October 19, 2005, you are eligible to receive a free one-month upgrade in service level. For example, if you are on the 3 DVDs at-a-time program, you will be upgraded to the 4 DVDs at-a-time program for one month. There will be no price increase during the upgraded month. (If you cancel your membership after October 19, 2005 and before you receive the upgrade, you will have to rejoin to get the upgrade.)

    To receive the benefit, you must complete the online registration process no later than February 17, 2006, at www.netflixsettlement.com. By signing up for the benefit, you waive your right to bring a separate lawsuit against Netflix concerning the Released Claims (as defined in the Settlement Agreement found at www.netflixsettlement.com).

    If you were a member before January 19, 2005 but canceled before October 19, 2005 you will need to resign-up to get the upgrade benefit.

  9. Thanks Jane! I think all current subscribers received it (and possibly canceled accounts too? Gnome?) and I did register for it the other day.

  10. I actually received two notices, because technically Mrs. Gnome was once a Netflix subscriber way back when (when you could get 1000 miles for signing up). That account was cancelled a loooong time ago (2002-2003?) so it does seem like they're making a good faith effort to contact everybody.

  11. I miss my netflix account. Everytime I see or hear a movie that seems interesting, my fingers itch and nearly click on the netflix page.

    I was on the 9.99 plan as well.

  12. I split our 3 disc Netflix queue into movies (2 discs) and TV series (1 disc at a time). That way we know we'll always get the next in whatever TV series we're re-watching that month and always have two movies to choose from on Saturday night depending on our mood.

  13. Rob, that's a fab idea...I had wondered how that would work. I might do just that after the holidays and try the two-out-unlimited plan split into movies and TV like you do.


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