Friday, January 13, 2006

2005 Roth: End in Sight!

I had planned to contribute $500 a month toward my remaining $1500 Roth contribution so that I could complete my 2005 Roth before April 15th. I planned to start my 2006 Roth in April using even monthly contributions and complete that by EOY.

Well, I really like round easy numbers so I decided that with my recent ebay winnings and craigslist sale, I could easily make a $750 contribution this month and theoretically next month. That would mean that starting in March I can make 10 equal monthly payments of $400 toward my 2006 Roth. I may contribute more aggressively, but this is my "minimum" plan.

So I just transferred the $750 which brings my 2005 Roth contribution to $3250 and I've updated the Save-o-Meter to reflect that I am 81% there. I love that purple bar, so I'll definitely recycle it for the 2006 Roth when the time comes in March.


  1. I love your purple bar, too. You're getting so close!

  2. I love your purple bar as well! I watched it at 50% for the longest time and I'm glad it's up to 81% now. April 15 is fast approaching.

  3. Where do you have your roth ira at and are you happen with where it's at? I'm thinking about switching my roth to a new fund family.

  4. Poe, I am very happy with Fidelity (read about why I chose them here) and I believe SavvySaver is also pleased with them. But they aren't the cheapest so do your shopping :)

    If you are at all curious, I chose to invest my Roth in the Pax World Balanced Fund because it is hard to get diversity in an account with such a small amount of money (though it is growing!). So I chose PAXWX as a socially responsible balanced fund and I am happy with the performance of that as well (read about that here)

    Good luck in your search

  5. I am using Vanguard for both my 401(k) and IRA and have been extremely happy with them. I have kept it simple and put my funds in their Vanguard Target Retirement accounts.


  6. Thanks so much, Caitlin!
    I'm leaning towards Fidelity for a while now. I like their website interface as well. My american funds front-loads are getting to me abit now for my roth ira.
    Thanks for the help!

  7. Fidelity is great and I love their tools that show you your portfolio breakdown. Its where I hold my 401k and I haven't had any problems. My Roth is with T.Rowe. Price and they have excellent service but their fees may be a bit steep if the acct is under 5000, which mine won't be next month. I'm happy that you are almost done contributing the 05 max. Nice job!


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