Sunday, September 18, 2005

My Hippie Roth: History

Now that I have had Roth Religion for 5 months and I am determined to meet the contribution limits each year going forward I figured it was time for some analysis and planning. Welcome to my three part post: My Hippie Roth (Part one: History)

I did a little digging into the history of my Roth IRA investments because I am interested in calculating my true return and because I have maintained my Roth at three institutions, Quicken isn't much help there. I started with an initial investment in a 1yr "community" CD at a local socially conscious bank, then moved it to a Calvert fund and most recently into my new Fidelity Roth IRA account.

11/23/1998: (Initial investment) $2000 in a 1yr CD with 5.1% APY
01/14/2003: (Transfer) Cashed out $2392 a 4.41% annualized return
01/14/2003: (Bought) Shares in Calvert Social Investment B CSLBX
04/21/2005: (Exchange) $2885 in CSLBX to CLGBX [comm error]
05/09/2005: (Paid) $15 fee + $96 in load
05/09/2005: (Transfer) Cashed out $2822 for 7.38% after fees
05/09/2005: (Bought) Shares in Pax World Balanced PAXWX with Calvert $

In April I had opened a new Roth IRA at Fidelity so I could consolidate existing and future investments and easily manage it going forward. I chose to invest solely in Pax World Balanced for now since this account is small in size and yet I needed something that was balanced and well rated (in other words a decent past performer). I happened upon a Consumer Reports article that listed PAXWX as a really good fund so the fact that it is socially responsible was an extra bonus for me.

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