Thursday, September 29, 2005

Should I Dump RCN Digital Vision?

So now that I have been looking at every little charge on my telecomm bill and looking for charges to axe, I became very interested in exactly what channels are considered the "digital vision" service. Access to these 40+ channels cost us $11.95 a month (nearly $144 a year):
  • Noggin
  • Nick Games/Sports
  • Nick TOO
  • Boomerang
  • Discovery Kids
  • G4 TV
  • Game Show Network
  • Nick TOONS TV
  • XY.TV
  • VH-1 Soul
  • MTV EspaƱol
  • VH-1 Country
  • VH-1 Classic Rock
  • MTV Hits
  • MTV Logo
  • Sundance Channel
  • Independent Film Channel
  • Lifetime Movie Network
  • Lifetime Real Women
  • Style
  • Soapnet
  • Discovery Health
  • Discovery Home & Leisure
  • ACN JewelryTelevision
  • DIY-Do-It-Yourself
  • National Geographic Channel
  • The Science Channel
  • Discovery Times
  • Biography
  • History International
  • The Military Channel
  • Golf Channel
  • NFL Network
  • Speed Channel
  • Fuel
  • TVG
  • Fox Soccer Channel
  • Tennis Channel
  • Outdoor Life Network
  • Fox Sports Espanol
  • BBC America
  • AZN Television
  • CNN International
We do watch the additional Discovery channels, other science/history channels fairly often (compared to overall TV watching). BBCA and DIY get watched less often...and our grand intentions of watching Sundance and/or the Independent Movie channel just never get acted on. We'd also potentially lose access to video on demand, but other than using the "free" anime to find neat new things to watch we NEVER use that either.

So I'd say we'd "miss" about 5 channels...but paying $144/yr for those channels seems utterly ridiculous. However, we really do watch those channels probably as much as all the other channels combined (with the exception of the current Stargate SG-1 immersion...its just so fluffy and silly!) I'm going to talk it over with the gal pal...


  1. The Biography channel is way cool, but I doubt any of those are worth $11.95 per month.

    I say dump it. If you find out you are really, really missing something, you can always add it back... or find a hobby that doesn't involve TV watching! ;)

  2. Dump it and start watching House and Gilmore Girls, like you should be!

  3. Dear anonymous, I know you are really the Travel Gnome. You can't fool me.

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