Wednesday, September 14, 2005

On Giving, Abundance & Fear

FMF has a short but thought provoking post in which he states his agreement with author David Bach on giving and his observation that "giving people become wealthy". I think about this concept often, and more so lately after Katrina. I know it may seem a little new agey, but I tend to notice the same effect with not just "giving" but also "letting go" so I constantly push myself to let go of more (not for the sake of being rewarded mind you, but because it feels good). Sometimes I need the internal push, sometimes it comes more naturally.

In order to let go, I focus on assuring myself that I have enough and will always have enough. It's when I have to combat fear that I need the push sometimes (old habits and training die hard)

Examples of this in my own life range from being willing to let things on ebay go for $.99 only to see them soar to a high final bid to giving some guy on the street $11 (he said he needed gas money and seemed quite distraught) and then having a few $20's unexpectedly make their way into my life over the next couple of weeks (one on the sidewalk, one from the guy who tapped our car from behind). The examples might seem trite, and maybe I am looking to hard for a connection, but it seems to me that when I "share" from a place of abundance it has a multi-level positive effect.

During the Sept 1 day of fundraising for Katrina, I felt compelled to give beyond my comfort zone, and I did...but I'm not sure I pushed myself hard enough. I didn't have an overwhelming sense of being grateful that I could help ... but I had a feeling of "it wasn't enough". And maybe that was just the sheer enormity of the situation or the anonymity of the Red Cross online donation form. But maybe I could have pushed a little farther...dug a little deeper...done a little more...but I was feeling pinched this month yaddy yaddy yaddy cash is tight blahblah upcoming big expenses hm hm.

All I'm really saying is that I agree with FMF and taking it a bit further...maybe those Wiccans are onto something with the belief that whatever you put out comes back three-fold. And when I truly feel I have *enough* is when it is easier to share, but that it can be a struggle against fear some days.

But it's really why I'm define and achieve "enough" and let go of all the fear.

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