Thursday, September 15, 2005

Citi Click-to-Pay Annoyances

Oh how the might have fallen.

I used to LOVE Citi's online account access. Once upon a time it was shiny, new, advanced and it worked really really well. But they've recently made some changes in the name of "security" that are preventing legitimate customers from doing what they want. It's just frustrating.

I've got my new Citi Platinum Dividend card...I received it in early August or so. I intend to pay this card off every two weeks because we are switching almost all of our cash expenditures to this card (at least for now) and I don't want anything getting out of hand by accident.

I got a little of a late start with the first payment but it was still quite early. However, I logged in on 9/6 to do my first CTP for my current balance around $1400 and hit the annoying thing that Nickel posted about: a first time CTP limit of $1000! So I ponied up the 37 cents and sent the balance via check.

Today was payday, so I logged on to Citi to get back on track with my payday-ish CTP payments. I entered all my payment info and hit submit and I received this:
For security reasons, we limit you to 1 payment for 15 days after your first payment is posted using the Click-to-Pay program. You can return to make another payment at the end of that initial 15-day period. Click here to see a record of your first Click-to-Pay transaction in Payment History.
I know the sky isn't falling, but this is so annoying to me. I don't really know how this is for security reasons (even though someone might have a good rationale for it) and I have not only made a legitimate CTP payment for $1000, but I have also sent a paper check. Am I not verified yet?

So I guess I have to WAIT to get into my groove. The sad thing is all I want to do is give them my money while I am thinking about it and be done with it. But they don't really have an incentive to get my money sooner rather than why would they care about my frustration?


  1. I ran into the same problem with Citi. I had to send a check, and it arrived ON the due date, I was lucky. But I wasn't a new customer, nor was it a new bank account. I switched from a Citi uPromise card to Citi Platinum Dividend Select Rewards Superspecial Elite Alphamale card... but still, the limitation.

  2. Flexo's card sounds very exclusive! Caitlin, what's yours, the Citi Molybdenum Dividend Select Rewards Hotdang Gyno-bombastic card? No wonder sending those online payments makes you feel "in the groove!" :)

  3. good guess madame! But it's the Citi Molybdenum PLATINUM Dividend Select Rewards Hotdang Gyno-bombastic card that I carry ;)

    LOL to both of you

  4. Yep, hate this too. I signed up for a Citi Upromise card this summer, and was all excited to pay it once a week. I paid it, then a few days later got a bill. Went to pay my bill and was told I had to wait 15 days from my first payment. They could have told me the first time I paid it that I'd have to wait to pay again.

    The other annoying thing they do is refuse to allow me to pay more than the posted balance. Why would they do this? Why wouldn't they want more of my money? I like to pay extra if, for example, I've just charged a plane ticket or something and it hasn't posted yet.

  5. Because it's all about trying to set you up so that you have to pay fees.


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