Sunday, September 18, 2005

My Hippie Roth: Checkup

This is part two of my three part post: My Hippie Roth (Part two: Checkup)

Back in April, while I was corralling my Calvert investment and transferring to my new account, I borrowed $3000 to make a 2004 Roth contribution with which I also purchased PAXWX. In mid August I established an automatic investment plan to purchase $330 in PAXWX monthly. My current market value is $6532 which calculates to a 7.07% rate of return for this account since April and an overall annualized rate of return of 6.71% since inception of my roth. So here is my actual annualized rate of return summarized for each investment phase:
Community CD 04.41%
Calvert (CSLBX) 07.38%
Fidelity (PAXWX) 07.07%
Since inception 06.71%
That's not too bad for the last seven years I guess. Not great either. My Calvert return would have been higher if I had not had a miscommunication with the financial planner I was dealing with (to be fair, we were both at fault) as that would have saved me the $15 fee I believe. Also, I made a choice to leave the fund before the seven year mark (when you no longer pay a load for B shares) and forfeited that $96.

I'm now determined to maximize my Roth IRA contributions every year, but I got a late start this year and I really do not want to borrow again. So now I need a plan to make up for lost time....

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