Sunday, September 18, 2005

My Hippie Roth: To the Max

This is part three of my three part post: My Hippie Roth (Part three: To the Max)

Future Contribution Schedule
Ideally I'd like to be maximizing my Roth contributions within each calendar year. Since I'm a little behind, I'll have to take advantage of the fact that I can make contributions for the previous tax year up until tax day of the current year. This strategy will help get me back on track in time for 2007.

Once I ran the numbers I realized investing my birthday money would really help me meet my 2005 contribution goal so that's decided. I will have to wait until next to year to experiment with I-bonds and maybe I'll get an iPod nano for Christmas (the dark side grows strong within me). Of course I just deposited the $220 into ING so I could noodle...oh well.

  • $330 - Currently monthly contribution for 2005 (Aug & Sep)
  • $220 - one time contribution for 2005 (sometime in Sep)
  • $520 - monthly from 10/05 to 3/05 for 2005 contribution
  • $444 - monthly from 4/05 to 12/05 for 2006 contribution
  • $333 - monthly contribution for 2007
In 2008, the limit increases to $5000 so I will adjust accordingly. This is, of course, the best case scenario and it may be a little optimistic. But I'm going for it.

At some point in the (near?) future, I will also want to diversify beyond my PAXWX fund...perhaps when I am ready to invest in individual stocks I will do so within a Roth.

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