Thursday, March 02, 2006

February Networth Update

Things have been nuts all week. We went to VT for Mardi Gras (ha!), we had family visiting early in the week, drinks with friends yesterday, and I've been in a training class all week 9-5 (the nerve! LOL). I've barely had time to survey the finances but I think I've eked out a fairly accurate networth update for February.

I've updated the Networth-O-Meter and I'm happy to say that so far we are still on target for our year end goal. Networth increase was technically 14.8% but I wanted to turn that text white so I rounded to 15% for the sake of readability (it's only $100 difference anyway...)

I love having a reassuring picture of a line trending upwards whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed. Here's the cute little graph provided by NetworthIQ:


  1. Wow! Keep up growth like that and you'll be a ba-zillionaire in a couple years. ;-)


  2. Congratulations! This is nice progress.

  3. Why is your line going up faster than mine??? No fair! I want a pretty line like that, too! :(

  4. Excellent networth growth. Now if you had to get a new computer, and something something networth (keeping on topic), would you get an Intel Mac Mini or would you spring for an Intel Imac?

  5. For you, Pepper...I'd definitely go iMac since you don't already have a monitor/speakers etc. Mac mini is great for windows folks looking to switch, iMac is more up your alley. Get 1GB of ram and apple care. Hard drive is up to you...consider your video hobby ;)

  6. Congrats on an excellent month. You've been included in the February Bloggers' Net Worth Index at Your net worth is one of the highest in the index.


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