Friday, December 02, 2005

Ebay/Amazon November Totals

Between my one Ebay sale and a few Amazon Marketplace orders I grossed $65.17 in November. I'm pretty sure I trounced Travel Gnome, but since we mutually decided to extend our competition until the end of the year, the game ain't over yet.

I had about $2.12 in fees (ebay and paypal) and postage is a little difficult for me to gauge to get my true net earnings. Normally I keep meticulous track of postage too, but I had a glut of $1 stamps from prior "selling" periods that had already been accounted for and a while ago our household stamps and "selling" stamps got mixed up. But I estimate shipping to have been around $10 total.

I had hoped to clear as much as $200 in November, but things were just too nuts with the traveling and I don't expect them to be much better this month with the holidays and additional travel. But I still think I can take him.

1 comment:

  1. yea verily, i'm holding steady at $35 (but with no fees whatsoever)


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