Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Some Printable Coupons

I have a raging cold so I fear that posting coupon codes is about my only speed right now. Forgive the "theme" but hopefully this will help you all while you shop frugally for your peeps.

I'm keeping my coupon posts to things I think are pretty generic, but there are tons of active codes out there ripe for the picking. If you are looking for something specific or are doing a lot of shopping at many different stores, you should definitely check for more. The two main sites I keep tabs on for this sort of thing are:

And now for those of you brave enough to venture forth into actual physical stores, I present a few printable coupons:

Sadly the Borders coupon isn't valid for gift cards. I know that there's been discussion lately dissing gift cards as a choice, but honestly the kids in LaLa's family seem to love Border's gift cards and since they're all in CA, they don't expire (they get used pretty darn fast anyway).

I think the Best Buy coupon is valid for Tivo. I'm just saying. And if you are feeling generous when you are activating your new Tivo...I would be quite grateful if you put my (other) email address (tiny machine at gmail dot com - no spaces, you know the drill) as a referral if you feel I had anything at all to do with hooking you two crazy kids up. I really have no idea how that will ultimately benefit me but it will make me happy about furthering the Tivo cause.

If I'm not making sense, it's probably the cold meds.

Happy Shopping Kids!

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