Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanking My First Commenter :)

I love the idea of thanking your first commenter, so I'm glad I saw Jim mention it (who saw it on Flexo's site, but since B comes before C in ye olde RSS reader I saw Jim's first of course). I think everyone should join in the fun!

Technically my partner LaLa was my first commenter on a very early post about Yodlee, but since I probably begged her to do it ;) I don't think that counts.

So my official thanks go to Jonathan from My Money Blog who offered up a short and sweet congratulations on my stated February accomplishments that made my day:

Congratulations! Starting is the key, and it looks like you are off to a good one.

Of course JLP was hot on his heels and I believe he may have been the first blog to link to me.

Thanks guys!


  1. Btw, I just changed my blog's name to 11111111Blueprint for Financial Prosperity. Please update your links accordingly. :)

  2. LOL Jim! Of course *now* I realize I'm two days late to the thanking party but I think it should go all week!

    Caitlin@AAAClutter2Cash ;)

  3. You're welcome! Can I now take credit for all your successes? I mean, I WAS right, starting was the key ;)


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