Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nearly Halfway with Roth

Today I made another $520 deposit into my Roth IRA to bring my 2005 contribution to $1950, just $50 shy of the halfway mark (and technically 48.75%). I flirted with scrounging up another $50, but Grant was having none of my minxy ways because the reality is I just don't think I have it this month. Ah well. I am still on target....Save-o-Meter is steady and holding.

November and December are going to be one wild ride.


  1. go, Caitlin! Is your goal to have it fully funded for 2005 by March of 06? Otherwise, it seems like reaching the halfway point in November won't really get you there.

    (Believe me, I admire your making it all the way to halfway. I've contributed $100 to my Roth this year.)

  2. Claire, I'm indeed aiming for fully funded by March '06 and am throwing $520 a month at it currently and I'll do $490 in March (the final month).

    Then I'll switch over to funding 2006 Roth by EOY 2006 (9 months).

  3. Caitlin,

    You have discipline! Rock on!


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