Monday, November 21, 2005

Mysterious $232

Last week we received a check from the lawyers who did our first closing - 4 years ago - for $232. They claim that upon auditing their records, a check from our closing made out to the city has not yet been cashed...hence the "refund". Except there is no line item within the closing paperwork that would correspond to this amount.

They also did our first refinance (we refinanced our "construction loan" to a conventional after our kitchen remodel was completed) and I haven't yet checked that paperwork for this amount but I suppose it's possible they mixed up our two closings.

The city did misallocate some tax money (owed by the previous owner) during that time period, and the lawyer's office was not the most organized about getting us what we needed to prove to the city that we paid (and despite proof the city still wouldn't budge...THANK GOD for title insurance!) but that's not the right amount either.

Color me confused...and so I am reluctant to consider this money fully ours...but it does arrive at a low cash flow point so the timing is eerily welcome.


  1. Well that solves your Roth IRA 50% problem!

  2. sigh...i wish, even *with* that deposit I'm down to a little over $20 in the bank for the last week of November. Eek. I am just really cutting the cash flow tight this month with all the traveling and presents (xmas and five family birthdays)

    I think I'm gonna drop $50 in on the first just for the satisfaction though. I sort of hate 49%!


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