Thursday, October 20, 2005

Playing with I-Bonds

Like Michael, I couldn't resist the lure of the I-Bonds particularly because Jonathan's been posting exciting I-Bonds tidbits for days. I've opened a TreasuryDirect account and I will most likely dip my toe in tomorrow.

I do not yet have sizeable cash for investing, so I am thinking of doing a couple small purchases now and late November...probably equivalent to my birthday money. This is really more about having fun than making gobs of interest at this point. I guess I want to play like the cool kids do ;)

There is something about ACH transfers that just makes me feel control. Is that weird?


  1. How did we get along before ACH transfers were so mainstream?

    Seriously. I almost never use checks now.

  2. I really have to open a TreasuryDirect account myself one of these days. One of my favorite little saving moves occurred back when I finished paying off my last student loan. The month I made the last payment I signed up for I and EE saving bonds in the amount of my old loan payment. That was in Sept. 2001. Those saving bonds arrived monthly via the mail until earlier this year when the mail program was discontinued.

    I now have over $6,000 in bonds. It is amazing how fast they accumulate. When I re-up with TreasuryDirect I will probably just purchase I bonds.


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