Wednesday, October 12, 2005

14 Months History Now in NetworthIQ

A few months ago I started tracking my monthly networth using NetworkIQ. I had put in a rough approximation of my networth as of 12/2004 and then the last three months or so were pretty accurate according to Quicken (well, my version of my Quicken records..we disagree slightly).

I just spent some time backfilling my history back to August of last year. I know this is beta software, and I do think they have a nifty idea, but their interface blows for filling in historical data. I won't pick on them here, because I bet they are pretty neato folks.

Because I just can't bear to add the badge to my template for reasons of style (let's face it...those greens do not match, Honey!) and some illusion of discretion, you can see the results here.


  1. Anyone willing to put our site to the test like this is neato in my book. Thanks for putting it through its paces!

    You're right, the entry system blows, and we're slowly getting back around to cleaning it up. It'll probably be a couple of weeks, but we're hoping to make it a lot easier both to enter as well as manage previous entries.

  2. I don't know, those greens could bring a nice 60s feeling to your site ;) Great job on your net's always good when the lines are moving upward!

  3. Great news Ryan! I figured you all would get around to it sometime, I'm just happy to see that on the "short list" :) I'd love to put even more history in, but I totally petered out.

  4. The line's going the right way!!! Keep up the good work!

  5. I love it when the line goes up. It's amazing how keeping track of your net worth impacts so many areas of your life. I know we think through any significant purchases now because of it.


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