Monday, September 19, 2005

Truing up what I owe my ING

When I established my ING account earlier this year, I intended to put all found money, unexpected inflows, recycling redemption money, and rebates directly into my savings. I also intended to put my reimbursed cell phone and broadband expenses in there as well.

My reimbursed expenses run about $110/mo and are paid a full month later than I submit them (give or take) and I have a $100/mo ING deposit that was my BARE minimum deal with myself for monthly contributions. So, I've done "ok" on that front. But it's pretty lame. I should be getting August expenses on Friday so with that check I will start putting cell and broadband reimbursements into ING when I receive them.

I tallied up the other "inflows" that were intended for ING and here are my YTD totals:
  • $20 - from the guy who nudged our car
  • $20 - found on the sidewalk
  • $16 - LaLa's kentucky derby winnings (among friends)
  • $30 - can and bottle redemptions
  • $57 - rebates (cat litter, tax software, etc)
  • $4 - survey money
So before the end of September I'll deposit $147 into ING and switch to doing this monthly. It's a start.

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