Friday, September 30, 2005

Save-o-meter to 21%

A funny thing happened on my way to 21%....

I made my usual $100 post-mid-month payday contribution as scheduled and today I made a deposit of $197.44 - the sum of all my currently tallied inflows and the $50 energy star rebate.

On Monday, before heading out of town on business, I transferred $115 from ING to my checking account to cover my first auto insurance payment. Cash has been extremely tight while waiting for a very large expense reimbursement. It turns out that in my haste to take care of it all before leaving...i did the transfer in the wrong direction! Gah.

The bad news is that I triggered my overdraft protection (none of my expense check deposited the day before had apparently cleared. ahem.) The "ok" news is that I will pay off the $86 in overdraft protection tomorrow, avoiding interest fees.

The GOOD news is that with the scheduled deposits, $4.10 interest, and my complete financial goof, the meter is at 21%...w00t!


  1. Give your bank a call and see if they're willing to waive some/all of the fees, based on you being a good customer.

    It can't hurt to ask. I got some ATM fees waived by my credit union in this way.

  2. It was 15c in interest...not worth my frustration, but I agree that if it were a few dollars it would be a good idea for me to call.


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