Friday, September 23, 2005

ING at 3.4% APY - Trails EmigrantDirect

Just logged into ING to move a little money around and noticed that their rate bumped to 3.4% APY as of today.

And by bumped I mean nudged.

A 70 basis point spread between their recent 3.3% and EmigrantDirect's 4% and they reduce it to .... 60? That's kind of lame.

Glad I finally opened my EmigrantDirect account...but sadly I jumped the gun and MyMoneyBlog won't get a cut of that action (which he assuredly deserves) but at least I'll be making 50c more on my $1k a month! Seriously though, with the Emigrant rate, 0% Balance Transfers start looking worth the risk that I might somehow screw it up.

1 comment:

  1. When you opened your ED account, did you have any problems doing it online? I've been trying to give MyMoneyBlog the credit but ED's website buttons don't work! This kind of thing drives me crazy! Wake up people, I am trying to throw $25,000 at you and you won't let it happen!!
    Now I am feelign really old-- having trouble reading the verification letters-- is that ibmww or ibmvvvv????


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