Monday, August 15, 2005

Joined the Citi Dividend Card Bandwagon

We finally signed up for the Citi Platinum Dividend Card in the Gal Pal's name and it arrived last week. We've decided to use this as our main card and not limit it to groceries, gas and pharmacy. The 1% cash back we will get on other purchases is better than the 1% return in Amazon certificates...I'd rather have cash these days.

Within a week, the balance is already a bit plump due to the Mass "tax holiday" purchases (the planned washer purchase and some work clothes mostly) but I plan on paying this card off twice a month in line with my paydays to keep an eye on balances.

Oddly though, our gas and grocery purchases didn't seem to be accruing the dividend at the 5% rate yet. Anyone have insight?

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