Sunday, August 21, 2005

Free iTunes @ Gap: Still time!

Forgot to mention that on "tax free weekend" the LaLa and I made sure to stop at the Gap and try on jeans for a free iTunes song each. You take a pair of jeans into the dressing room and when you come out and tell an employee they give you a scratch-off car. The promotion runs until 8/31 so there is still time.

I actually bought a pair of jeans while there (I only had one -snug- pair). Since they only carry my size online (28 inseam, I'm a bit short) I ordered it in store, over the phone, paid for it as part of my total order and shipping was free. The jeans arrived within a few business days. This is good for me to remember as I do a fair amount of clothes shopping online from stores that have this policy. Free shipping rocks.

LaLa snagged another iTunes card when she exchanged an item last week. woohoo!

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