Saturday, March 19, 2005

USAA Checking Account...kinda sexy!

Upon further inspection of USAA's personal checking account it's looking even better. According to their brochure that is luring me to them with the promise of $50, here are the account features:
  • No charge for first 10 ATM withdrawals ($1/ea for more than 10)
  • Refund for up to $15 for ATM surcharges incurred each cycle (crispy!)
  • 1/2% rebate on debit purchases made with Credit option (ugh, debit cards)
  • Blue non-duplicate checks free for life of account
  • Free Web BillPay
And they also pass my ultimate electronic accessibility test: they are compatible with Quicken 2005 for both OSX and Windows - Yes! (insert dorky arm pump here) This is not the place to detail my trials and tribs with Quicken, but my current bank "went dark" when they de-supported the QIF format. Between that and some other recent customer service dissatisfaction I have recently decided to look for a new place to park my checking account. USAA may be the place.

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