Thursday, March 17, 2005

Receive up to $50 with USAA checking account

I've been intrigued by USAA's checking account since reading where Jonathan (and a reader of his ) parks his liquid cash. I had thought I was ineligible for an account, but maybe not. And now that I am considering a new checking account they were looking like a potential candidate. Now they are looking quite tasty since they will pay me to try them out.

It seems they are running a promotion which pays you $25 for opening a new USAA Checking account with direct deposit and an additional $25 to open and use their free web BillPay within 60 days. The offer expires April 29th and no special code is mentioned. They direct you to apply through their website or calling (800) 531-6617. The website forces you through an eligibility questionnaire so I will probably call.

We got the brochure because my partner has their mastercard (which now offers up to 1.25% back) so it is also unclear if this checking account promotion is tied to the Mastercard. It's worth checking into because it looks like a good checking account and you can't beat free money... but I'm gonna just cry if they don't support Quicken 2005.


  1. Hi Caitlin,
    Thanks for leaving me that comment, I've written a response that hopefully answers your question. You have a great blog going here and I love the title.


  2. Apparently there is a promo where you can get $100 from Bank of America by opening a checking account there with direct deposit.


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