Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Recipe: Clutter2Cash's Kale & Kielbasa Soup

So far we have received kale with each organic vegetable delivery. Luckily I have found a recipe for kale that LaLa actually likes. It's based on my mother's delicious Kale & Sausage Soup recipe but I tweaked it for no good reason other than I can't even leave a damn fine recipe alone (honestly we were short on some ingredients). I also tried to keep dirty pots to a minimum because I'm a lazy cook! You can substitute any good quality smoked sausage or even try making your own to make this recipe cost even less to make.

Clutter2Cash's Kale & Kielbasa Soup (Serves 4)

28oz beef broth (I chose Swanson Organic Beef)
2 medium potatoes
8" Harrington's Kielbasa
1 bunch kale - cut off stalks & shredded fine
2 Tbsp red wine vinegar
1 Tbsp olive oil
2 large cloves garlic minced or put through a press
1/8 tsp. white pepper
Frank's Red Hot sauce

1. Cut kielbasa lengthwise in half, then in half lengthwise again. Slice each of the 4 long pieces into 1/4" wide pie shaped slices. Cook the kielbasa pieces in dutch oven or stockpot over medium-high heat until the fat has rendered and the pieces are browned. Drain and discard the fat, blot the kielbasa in paper towels and set aside.

2. Add olive oil to cooking pot and saute garlic over medium heat until fragrant and soft ~ 2 mins

3. Cut up potatoes with skin on (the smaller the pieces, the faster they'll cook) and add broth and potatoes to pot when garlic is done. Bring pot to a boil and cook until pototoes are soft.

4. Mash potatoes in broth while still over flame and/or use a stick blender to break the potatoes down and fully blend into the broth.

5. Add kale, kielbasa, vinegar and pepper to the pot and cook at a simmer until kale is tender @ 15 mins. (you might add some water or more broth here if the beef broth has really cooked down)

6. Add salt and Frank's to taste (I give it 10 good shakes for spicy vinegar goodness)

While I'm sure there are many less expensive recipes to cook (potato soup anyone?) this is still a very affordable meal to make - we get two meals out of it - and it's a great hearty winter soup. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I fear we ate it too fast ;) Enjoy!



  1. yum! this is one I will definitely have to try, I love kale and kielbasa!

  2. You know if you really want to save money on food, you have to start with some metrics.

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  3. Hey Foob, thanks for the info. I am sure I can make use of some of those tips!

    Currently I am starting with two goals: eat more fruits and veggies AND keep groceries and take-out to under $400/mo for the two of us.

    Mostly we spend a lot on food because we don't mealplan but the veggies and fruits that are delivered help guide us now and its helping a lot.

    I"m probably going about this a$$ backward...but like i said...its a start.


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