Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Open Wallet Meme

Though I haven't had much time to post this past week I have been keeping up with what the cool kids have been up to. Cap started it all by showing us his and he's inspired several of us to join the fun by opening our wallets to show what's inside.

Why is this "fun"? Because we are voyeuristic money geeks with an impish streak - oh wait...maybe that's just me....

I carry my wallet in my left front pocket so I strive to keep it slim. I cleaned it out before the holidays (mostly to remove business travel related items). So here is what is currently in my wallet:
  • Drivers license
  • Citi Dividend MasterCard
  • Discover Card (to take advantage of their periodic 5% reward promos)
  • AAA Card (used more for discounts than roadside maintenance these days)
  • ATM Card
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Auto Policy Wallet Card
  • UnumProvident Employee Assistance Card
  • LaLa's Business Card (I always carry at least one)
  • Business Card of my prom date whom I saw at reunion and is a great guy (I need to email him!)
  • Fortune Cookie Fortune that reads: "You are about to receive a big compliment" [in bed...har har] a slightly humorous memento of good laughs (and yummy PF Chang's food) on my last project -- I totally forgot I had that in there.
I rarely carry cash but when I do it's in a silver money clip and goes in my right front pocket (chances are if you've been to a chiropractor you won't ever carry your wallet in your back pocket again...) I carry my wallet in my pocket because I am not a "purse-carrying" kind of gal. And yes, that is probably a euphemism ;)

When I go on business trips I will carry only one card for personal use (just in case) like the Citi Dividend and I will carry at least one card I only use for business expenses (typically American Express Delta Gold). During projects it's also common for me to carry some sort of loyalty card for a yummy nearby eatery (like Slope's!)

Other things that I have, that most people carry in their wallets and I don't:
  • Library Card - LaLa carries it in her wallet. I have the member number saved in firefox so I just request books, then we almost always go to pick them up together. Sometimes I just borrow it.
  • Grocery/Pharmacy Cards - whatever you call those things with the bar codes that get you discounts...we have all the keychain versions on a small keychain in the car. When we are shopping it's never farther away than the parking lot
  • Finagle-a-Bagel loyalty card - also in the car. yum. and if you don't have one, why must you hate freedom?
  • Dental Insurance Card - the dentist has a copy on file so I don't need to carry it
Now all we need to do is start "tagging" other bloggers (as in "you're it!") and we can be just like the 4 Things meme....


  1. wow, i never realized carrying a wallet in your back pocket could do damage. i guess that depends on how much it weighs, no?

  2. actually it has nothing to do with weight ;) when it is in your back pocket, and you sit...your hip is lifted up and out of alignment. enough time spent like this just throws everything out of whack -- i am sure it's different for everyone, and I am also sure that the fatter the wallet the MORE pronounced the problem, but even a pretty slim wallet can possibly do damage.

    I'm no expert...just went through it (and so did many folks I know)

  3. pssst! i'm not a "purse carrying" kind of gal either. spooky, eh?


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