Monday, January 30, 2006

Oh, We're Halfway There

My apologies if the post title leaves you with a Bon Jovi song stuck in your head (ok, I'm not completely sorry :: snicker ::)

LaLa finally received several outstanding payments and was able to make her first official contribution to the emergency fund. She deposited the money in our checking account today and since tomorrow is payday for me I used our combined superpowers for good (and not evil!) and set up a transfer of $1367 (LaLa's $900 + $400 each payday + $67 to bring it up to easy percentage math) to move the money into HSBCDirect.

I'm seriously hoping their (temporary?) rate hike benefits all the money I have there as that would be a sweet deal for us while we're building the $10k.

So even though the transfer goes through tomorrow, I hope you'll indulge me, dear internet, in updating the Save-o-Meter to 52% tonight.


  1. Hi,

    I've been reading your site for a few weeks now and I love your entries. I decided to create my own financial dilemma blog and would love it if you could visit, comment, and possibly cross-link the site. Thanks!


  2. The song wasn't even on the radar until you mentioned it....and yes, now its stuck in my head...thanks :P


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