Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Festival of Frugality #5

Photo by JwSIt's Tuesday, which means the Festival of Frugality is up! Noah of Okdork.com is hosting this, the fifth, installment. Weighing in at 12 submissions, the FoF provides many tips this week to cut down on expenses and squeeze more value out of your money.

Since I am attempting to spend less on food this year, I found useful reminders on how to beat my receipt and still eat meat by Nick (or is it Kweee?) over at Funny Munny (or is it Kweee?). His witty blog post titles amooosed me so much, I'll be subscribing to his feed as soon as Bloglines stops "having trouble with the database". Sigh.

I am very excited to check out the Costco option for calendar printing as written up by FreeMoneyFinance. Two years ago we used Shutterfly to make these cute little 5x7 calendars for our group of friends but they no longer offer that template. Apparently our friends really liked those calendars because they are begging us to make one this year (they didnt seem as excited by the jellyfish calendar we made them all last year...go figure). We may not be able to do the smaller size, so some pictures may look a little fuzzed all blown up, but Costco's price can't be beat. If we can pick this up in the store, like we did our holiday cards, we're extra golden.

Of course there is much much more there so please go check it out.

Next week I will host the Festival, which will be my first blog carnival. If you'd like to make a submission you may find the instructions on doing so at Jim's Festival of Frugality page.


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  1. Thanks for noticing! It really is a good deal.


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