Monday, January 09, 2006

Carnival of Personal Finance #30

Photo by Scot McCannJLP over at AllThingsFinancial has launched this week's Carnival of Personal Finance nice and early. I can't believe this carnival is up to 30 already! And once again, there are many posts to read so I'll be visiting throughout the day. I always prefer carnivals divided by topic (as I personally find I read more than when it is organized by submission chronology) and JLP has done a great job herding carnival submissions this week.

This week at the carnival I've added my opinion of HSBCDirect to the pool. They are competitively marketing their new online savings account and folks used to ING and Emigrant seem to be curious if HSBC is the real deal. Seems so. I'm hoping that the competition keeps the rates fresh. If you are earning less than 3% on your savings account, then after taxes you are barely keeping pace with inflation! (That's napkin math so if I'm off by much please let me know). My real feeling is that it doesn't matter which one of those style accounts you choose, just choose and start today :)

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