Monday, November 07, 2005

IKEA is Coming!

Scandinavian design is coming to Boston with a vengeance!

I have been waiting for an Ikea to open anywhere near Boston for about 5 years now. After several years and all sorts of crap from some folks in Somerville, Ikea was able to get a store going on the Stoughton/Avon line which is about a half hour from my house (instead of a 3.5 hour drive to say...Paramus, NJ)

I was reading the latest at the Budgeting Babe in which she writes about a recent Ikea trip and I was inspired to check and see if they had posted an opening date for the one near me.

It's this WEDNESDAY people!

I'm not rushing there to blow my emergency fund or anything, but I do need a stylish yet affordable desk lamp and I'm thinking that's the place. And if I ever get to the point where I am doing small renovations on properties in this can't beat Ikea kitchen stuff for that purpose.



  1. Oh dear, I so didn't need to know about that. :) I mean, I knew it was coming, but now that I know it's THIS Wednesday? And I've got Friday off?

    I've gotten my impulse spending under control, but IKEA could tempt just about anybody.


  2. I'd kill for an IKEA here (Hawaii). Have fun!

  3. Can you really get to Paramus in 3.5 hours? Do those speeding tickets cut into your Ikea saving? :)

  4. My friend in Boston has been ranting about how there isn't an IKEA there and now I can finally tell her to shut up because I don't care. :) hahaha

  5. Caitlin... okay, since I now know that you're an IKEA fan, I will fess up. The Euro-styled cabinets in my Palm Springs flipper are from IKEA. They just came out with a solid wood cabinet... not just the composites they have carried in the past. Nice!

    Also, there is a good cover story on Ikea in the latest issue of BusinessWeek.

  6. IKEA says they still want two stores in Massachusetts. The Somerville store is still coming as long as the legal battles work out in the company's favor.


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