Saturday, October 29, 2005

Savings to Emigrant Direct

I've been doing financial housekeeping today...moving money around...fiddling in Quicken and such.

I've got my ING to Emigrant Direct transfer set up for Monday. So by Monday all of the money in the Save-O-Meter will be in Emigrant with the exception of 2 $100 I-bonds, one purchased this month and the other set for later in November.

In Quicken, I've moved my Emigrant Direct account to the Investing section since it's for accumulating a cash emergency fund and not for cash flow. I've left the ING in the cash flow section because I intend to use that "freedom-account-style" for very short duration savings and enacting my spending plan.

My HSBC Online Savings Account is all set up for online access (thank god they are re-designing their website). I can now access my mortgage through their site, but only to get quick facts like interest paid this year, escrow info, loan details and such. I did notice they appear to allow transfers from my new online savings account into the loan account, so that may hold promise for me being able to flexibly pay down my mortgage at no extra cost to me. We'll see. At least opening the account netted me another $35.


  1. I'm still waiting for the external-transfer link to appear on my ED account, actually.

    How'd you go about setting up the direct transfer from ING to ED? I have both RTNs, but since I haven't seen the "transfer money here" link on ED yet, I'm not sure how they handle that. Do you just input another bank's RTN and account number in order to set up the transfer link, or do you have to provide ED with a check and/or letter of request?

  2. Actually the key is to set it up so you can "push" money from ING to Emigrant since ING added a check-less account linking feature (in september maybe?) where you just need the routing number and account number. They let you link up to 3 accounts, so one of my slots is now emigrant.

    Both flexo and jonathan posted about how to do this back in Sept, but I got the emigrant routing number directly out of jonathan's post

    And unlike Emigrant, ING leaves their tiny deposits in your linked account, so I got an extra 27 whole cents added to ED as a result ;)

  3. I *meant* to include the Emigrant Routing number...sigh.

    Emigrant Direct Routing #: 226070319

    Many thanks to Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog for his detailed bank info pages.


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