Sunday, October 23, 2005

New Blog Description

I've been thinking about my blog's tagline ever since I read through my complimentary issue of Money magazine arrived. The November issue focuses on "The Dream Retirement" and I found some food for thought here and there. But what really jumped out at me is their focus on several "retired" couples...who were *working*....and not just working, but often full time! Of course they were doing what they love...yaddy yaddy, but I thought that was an interesting use of the term "retirement".

I really interpreted these articles as being more about financial independence. I don't really expect to "retire" early...what I truly want is financial independence. The freedom to choose how I trade my time for income that will sustain my chosen quality of life. For me this is a two part puzzle...building wealth as well as reducing my need for I will hopefully meet my goals somewhere in between the two.

So I decided to change the official description of my blog to reflect that realization and to give it an even more positive spin (before I was just "trying", now I'm gonna do it!). Coincidentally, while researching another post tonight, I found pfblog's post where mm did the same thing this year.

So here is the official old and new descriptions (bolded is what has changed)...

Old: "Charting my progress and sharing experiences as I try to go from clutter queen to cash-tastic and enjoy an early retirement"

New: "Charting my progress and sharing experiences as I go from clutter queen to cash-tastic and achieve financial freedom"

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