Friday, October 21, 2005

Missing Money: Found

The abandoned bank balance that I found and claimed a couple of months ago finally arrived today. I had quite the time of it getting the right paperwork (I no longer had a statement etc) but once I mailed it in, it didn't really take that long to arrive.

The check is actually for $43.10 so I've earned a very small amount of interest in these 10 years, but was nice that it was more than what I thought. Right now it's helping me with cash flow until my large expense reimbursement shows up next month (yes, the forty bucks is really needed...I saved aggressively this month and the "cupboard" is bare until I'm reimbursed). At the end of the month, it goes in ING (short term savings)

My thanks to Karen at My Financial Progress Report for having the link to Missing Money in her sidebar!

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