Sunday, October 16, 2005

Don't Blow the Rebate

pfadvice makes a very good point on my Tivo post to make sure to follow through on the rebate. Fortunately, we have an established process that ensures we take care of our rebates. Our Tivo rebate is all filled out and in it's stamped envelope awaiting the mail carrier. We've also retrieved $57.44 in rebates so far this year that have been added to our ING Direct savings account.

But it wasn't always this way. Here's what we did to wrangle our rebates:
  1. Pick a "Rebate Boss" Designate a single person in your household to do the rebates. Choose the person who is most likely to succeed of course ;) In our house, that's LaLa. She fills out the forms, makes the requisite copies, sends the rebates, and keeps a tickler file. It just helps us to have the responsibility lie with one of us specifically.
  2. Just Do It Don't put off filling out the forms or making copies, do it immediately. If there is something you need that will take more time, get everything else ready to go. I used to procrastinate and then the rebate would get lost in the clutter and poof. LaLa gets everything together as soon as possible: makes the copies, gathers all the pieces, including the envelope while she's motivated by the idea of the rebate money.
  3. Keep Track and Follow Up Once our rebates are sent out, we put them in a folder and wait for the money. Every month or so we check the folder (and/or online if possible). We've never had to follow up on a rebate that didn't show up, but the Travel Gnome has (successfully so).
This article also has a lot of tips for rebate success. What else do you do to keep on top of your rebates?


  1. I missed out on a Microsoft Money rebate about a year ago or so...I totally forgot about it and when I came across the form again it had expired. I sent it in anyway but received a polite letter telling me I was too late. I learned my lesson and filed a rebate for an external hard drive I just purchased the same day I bought it.

  2. Great organizing tips. You do have to keep on top of these or they get forgotten about, misplaced or simply never done and that great deal you thought you had is no longer such a great deal.


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