Monday, October 24, 2005

Carnival of Personal Finance 19

The new carnival is up at Consumerism Commentary. As usual there are a diverse set of links to peruse.

I truly love the entry from Personal Finance Advice where Jeremy writes about the process of taking a $45 errand and trimming more than $30 off the cost. It's so simple and everyone can take inspiration from it and look for small ways to shave spending. It will add up!

Frank at Hello, Dollar! is also in the process of organizing his long term goals so I will definitely be keeping tabs on how he goes through that process. Mine are still fuzzy I think...but getting clearer. It's interesting to see how others approach the forming of goals.

And I picked up some pantry stocking tips at the Chief Family Officer - once I reduce the amount of strange items in my pantry I can stock it with useful things we'll use all the time. Put shredded cheese in the freezer! Who knew? Oh, and apparently I should be keeping soy sauce in the fridge? Oops.

Of course there were many more posts of note ... juicy as ever!

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