Sunday, September 25, 2005

New Bits n Bobs

I've done some tidying up this weekend on the site. I noticed that my links were slightly out of synch with what I have actually been reading regularly in bloglines and such. Instead of trying to keep up manually with those changes, I've switched over to have bloglines do it for me (only downside is inability to style or remove the "Powered by Bloglines" tagline).

I've used FeedDigest and Feedburner to create a small animated headline scroller for Personal Finance articles from three major sources: CNN/Money, BusinessWeek's Well Spent, and Fidelity Investor's News. I will be swapping Fidelity out for something else in the future (my limit with a free account is three sources) but for now it's a decent placeholder. They often have good articles mixed in with their articles clearly aimed at marketing Fidelity products.

I've also futzed with and cleaned up chicklets and uncovered my BlogShares chicklet (which was accidentally left set to not display).

Basically I had fun tinkering with the template and being geeky...AND working on my revised budget, but nothing really carnival worthy I guess. Ah well.

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