Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Roth and Roll...an update

Today I called my credit card company that sent the 1.9% promo rate "superchecks" and there is indeed no transaction fee. I also confirmed that I can complete the "transfer" online and send the money directly into my checking account. This will earn me the $3 credit on my $3000 transfer...so my plan is working out (w00t!)

Interestingly just yesterday I got promo checks from another credit card of mine offering a 0% promo rate (neat!) but upon inspection charges a transaction fee of 3% with a max of $50 (booo!) so going for the low rate alone would have cost me serious money. Always read the fine print folks!

This evening I opened a new Roth at Fidelity using their online form which only took a few minutes. I chose to initially fund via a bank transfer (though I will also be transfering my other Roth over), so after my account was created, I filled out their form for adding that capability to my account. I was notified that in 7-10 days I will be able to transfer money directly from my bank into my Roth. Sweet.

Here's my plan:
  • Initiate online "transfer" to bank by 3/31 (I plan on 3/26)
  • Transfer from bank to Roth before 4/15
  • Pay at least $1500 toward loan 4/16
  • Pay off loan by 5/16

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