Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Money Mind" quiz...cheap marketing gimmick?

JP over at MyMoneyBlog mentions his experience with taking Checkfree's Money Mind quiz so I went to check it out. The tag line next to the "Take the quiz" button reads "Find out how to maximize your mind when it comes to managing your money" so I was expecting some value out of it and I pressed on. What I found was a poorly concocted quiz that is just a Checkfree marketing tool and offered me no value at all for my time but promised value if I ponied up my personal information so they could advertise to me.

Their are four "types" in the quiz and each of the four answers throughout the eleven questions is ordered in the same way each time to correspond with a type. The questions were overly simple - I was often torn between the first and second answers (controller and traditionalist respectively) as neither described me accurately and if you rent instead of own you are labeled at least 9.1% adventurer regardless of your age or housing market (as JP was).

My final tally was:
Controller 63.6%
Traditionalist 27.3%
Trendsetter 9.1%
Adventurer 0%
Which doesn't tell me anything about maximizing my mind, so I clicked on the button to find out more and was taken to a form that required personal information such as an address to move forward. Unlike JP, I didn't even *think* to put in junk...I was too irritated, but luckily he posted some of what he found beyond the form.

It didn't seem like JP was too impressed with the links offered but he did mention ThinkGlink and to me that's probably worth the time to take the quiz. We used articles by Ilyce Glink to provide content at my old job and her book on first time homebuying saved our butts three years ago when we took the plunge so I'm interested in checking out her other writings.

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